Dentristry Again

So there I was yesterday morning minding my own business eating my Raisin Bran, when a large part of one of my lower left molars breaks off.  I found myself on a Saturday morning with a quarter of a tooth missing and having to schedule some emergency dental work.  I did make it in to the Dentist, and they put in a temporary filling, but I am going to have to have a crown.  And then I will have to have another crown on the same tooth on the right side.

You see, when my permanent teeth came in several of them were improperly formed with some rather large holes and cracks in them.  My pediatric dentist filled them all with silver fillings – top of the line technology at the time.  The problem with silver fillings is that they slowly cause the teeth to fracture because the fillings expand and contract at  a different rate from the tooth.  So two of my teeth are full of cracks now and have to have the old fillings removed, and crowns put on.  Hopefully the other teeth with silver fillings will hold out longer.

No more quarantine

Yesterday I decided I had had it with being quarantined so I went back downstairs.  I still have a bit of a cough, but otherwise I feel much better.  I got to sleep in my own bed again.  Of course, this also means I am headed back into work today.  I feel ambivalent about work, but I am out of sick leave and really don’t want to use up anymore of my vacation leave.


I woke up on Thursday with a sore throat and a fever. I decided to not go into work and went to the doctor. They ran tests for Strep, Flu, and Mono. All came back negative. So I’ve been home the past few days (might explain some of the work on the blog).

Because Amy and the kids just got over being sick, I didn’t want to infect them with whatever I had. So my dad came up and helped install our old window AC unit in our bonus room (which is not connected to the duct work for the heat pump). I’ve since quarantined myself up here. It’s very boring, as there is no TV. Thankfully there is Hulu.  I got to watch the new Robotech: Shadow Chronicles movie.   Pretty cool.

I just hope I get over this soon and can rejoin my family.  I really miss getting to hang out with them.  Amy is having to do too much of the chores right now.  She never gets a break.

Laptops and Dentistry

So last night I was looking through the Sunday Paper fliers, and found that Circuit City was running a sale on the laptop I had just bought.  The new price is what I actually wanted to pay in the first place, instead of what I ended up paying.  So I checked their website and they have a 30 day price guarantee.  Yippee!

So what does this have to do with dentistry? Well, I had the first half of a deep teeth cleaning done this morning.  Not lots of fun, and they numb up one side of your mouth/face.  It took about an hour and a half for the cleaning.  I listened to music on my Zune so I wasn’t totally bored (an idea I got from Steve Roberts). After the cleaning I headed over to Circuit City, and with half a numb face requested the price guarantee.  Which they gave me.

After I got my refund I headed out into the mall and joined up with my family for the end of their walk with the grandparents.  Then we did a bit of shopping and we came home.  I decided to play with the websites a bit, and sometime while trying to figure out Joomla to get a start on the GeoCon site, I could feel my face again.