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Goodbye Quote-of-the-Day

It makes me sad, but it seems my FranklinCovery quote-of-the-day widget is no longer updating.  So, I have removed it from the site.  Maybe I will find another quote-of-the-day widget later, but right now my daughter just told me she needs a diaper change (by grabbing my arm and trying to drag me out of my chair).  Gotta go.

Akismet makes me happy

Yes, that is right you blog spammers. Go away. You don’t get to post here. Besides, I moderate all comments. So stop trying to spam my site.


Yes, I know, GeoCon is dead. Has been for lots of years. But, I like playing with web stuff, so I now have a site back up for GeoCon. Why? Because I can.

GeoCon 6 Registration Desk

Someday I plan on putting up all the content I have for GeoCon, which will include scans of the program books as well as what pictures I took.  If I can ever find any of this stuff.  It has been a while.

Ethics? We’ve heard of ’em…

Genealogy is fun

I recently moved the website over to Dreamhost, and now I can have sub domains (like the one you are reading).  While looking at the web applications Dreamhost has available for install, I found phpGedView, which is a genealogy web application.  So I put it on  Software hasn’t excited me this much in along time.  It’s very interesting getting everything put in, and seeing trends and similarities within lives.