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Going into Dev Mode

I am learning how to create WordPress themes.  Occasionally the website may not look the greatest (or even function) while I play around.

Goodbye Quote-of-the-Day

It makes me sad, but it seems my FranklinCovery quote-of-the-day widget is no longer updating.  So, I have removed it from the site.  Maybe I will find another quote-of-the-day widget later, but right now my daughter just told me she needs a diaper change (by grabbing my arm and trying to drag me out of my chair).  Gotta go.

Playing around with the blog

Well, I’ve been playing around with the blog a little today. You might have noticed I changed themes to TypoXp 2.0, with a few modifications by me to display tags. I like the theme quite a bit, despite the age of it. Considering that I would like to modify it somewhat, this is a good thing, as I don’t have to worry about trying to add my modifications into an update of it.

This is just the beginning…

Doing some testing of WordPress.  So far very nice.