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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!   I hope you will treasure everything you receive today.  I know I treasure my family very much.

Pierce County Fair

So while I was having all the fun of the broken tooth, I still had to do everything else scheduled for Saturday.  First was Lilia’s swim class and Carys’ first gymnastics class.  Lilia’s class was parent/child and I was the designated parent.  So I went swimming with her, which was a lot of fun, even with a giant hole in my tooth.  Amy went with Carys and watched her class and I was told Carys had lots of fun.

After we got back from the YMCA, we headed to the Pierce County Fair at Frontier Park.  The Pierce County Fair is lots of fun, as it is a small fair, and the fairgrounds are set in trees.  I dropped off Amy and the kids at the fair, then ran across the street to my conveniently located dentist for my temporary filling.  When I got back I was so happy to eat that I didn’t even pay attention to most of the Fair.

After lunch Carys gave me the ground tour of the rides and wanted to go in the jungle gym.  Which she did, 5 times.  In between trips to the jungle gym (complete with ball pit), we did manage to see most of the animals and exhibits.  Lilia spent most of the time in the stroller as she is still too little to go on the rides.  Poor Lilia.

Mobile Web?

Well, as cool as it was to have the web on my phone, I have canceled the service.  We mostly use the messaging, which I retained.  I also dropped the number of minutes on the plan, as we rarely make any actual voice calls.  By doing this, I cut my cell phone bill in half, saving around $70 a month.

Of course, this also means I no longer have email on my phone, but I do still have the messaging which my wife and I use all the time.

Backyardigans to Metallica

So if you have kids, you end up watching lots of kids shows.  Perhaps more than you really should.  But then, you would never find out that the Backyardigans dance very well to Metallica.

Mad Baby

Had to take a picture with the web cam (mostly to play) because the baby was so cute in her fit.  Unfortunately she is faster than the web cam.  I’ll have to try video next time.

Mad Baby

Mad Baby