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Women are capricious, devilish creatures who can take something simple and turn it into something horribly complex.
Women are loving, angelic creatures who can take something horribly complex and turn it into something beautifully simple.
In short, women are logically impossible creatures who cannot be reasoned with.

Why I don’t use chainsaws.

So most of our laurels are destroyed by the ice.  And they are on a slope and under lots of strain.  Very bad conditions for use of a chain saw.  You get much better control using a hand saw, or an axe.  And if you miss, or get it stuck, you are less likely to loose a limb.


Of course, all that being said, I did end up buying a chainsaw because I simply have too many trees to cut up.  Though I still do most of the felling with hand saw and axe, and almost all of the limbing with either an axe or bypass pruners.

So that was what that noise was


Tree fell on the house.

Just a test

This is a test of the dragonlab blog publishing system. Had this been a real post there would have been content here ->