Seaside Beach

It’s the beach!


We went on a Girl Scout Daisy family hike today at Wildwood Park.  I tracked the hike with my Magellan eXplorist 710 GPS.


Built a bridge for my daughter’s Breyer horses

One of her Breyer horses came with instructions for making a “showing set” of accessories. I went a little overboard on the bridge and added ramps and “rope” railings.


The ramps are removable, and the posts are made from clothespins.

Of course, the very next day one of my daughters broke off one of the posts.  Elmer’s Wood Glue really is stronger than the wood.


Women are capricious, devilish creatures who can take something simple and turn it into something horribly complex.
Women are loving, angelic creatures who can take something horribly complex and turn it into something beautifully simple.
In short, women are logically impossible creatures who cannot be reasoned with.


Just seeing how the map system will deal with Geocaches.

Apparently not so well.

This was a quick cache to find for my daughter, but not for me.

Why I don’t use chainsaws.

So most of our laurels are destroyed by the ice.  And they are on a slope and under lots of strain.  Very bad conditions for use of a chain saw.  You get much better control using a hand saw, or an axe.  And if you miss, or get it stuck, you are less likely to loose a limb.


Of course, all that being said, I did end up buying a chainsaw because I simply have too many trees to cut up.  Though I still do most of the felling with hand saw and axe, and almost all of the limbing with either an axe or bypass pruners.

So that was what that noise was


Tree fell on the house.

Snow and more snow


One of our trees.



This is the view this morning from my front door.

Rest in Peace Dear Snake

This morning I found my 17 year-old amelanistic cornsnake dead. I’ve had her since she was a hatchling in 1993. Her name was Mel.

She lived a very comfortable life in what many would consider a palace of a habitat for a little ol’ cornsnake.  It is five feet by two feet, and two feet in height. It sits on a cabinet purchased specially for it. It is very lonely now with no inhabitant.

My daughter Carys took the news pretty hard. Lilia ran into the room and said that I was wrong, Mel was still here. She isn’t quite old enough yet to understand death.

I’ve been very sad and melancholy all day. I’ll try and add some pictures to this post later.