Welcome to the lab

So, what is this site all about?  First, it is a place for me to experiment with and learn about WordPress so that I am better able to support my wife’s efforts on our main site.  Second, it’s a place for me to blog about the things that interest me, which is primarily Amateur Radio.  Third, well, I don’t have a third yet…

DragonBard’s Laws of Computing

  1. If you don’t care about it, don’t care about it.
  2. Computer’s are stupider than you are.
  3. The cheese will not save you.
  4. Computers don’t do what you tell them to do.  They do what a programmer told them to do. (cf. Law 6)
  5. A badly implemented computer system is worse than no computer system at all.
  6. Computers have evolved into non-deterministic systems.  This is bad.  Very bad.

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