Yes, I know, GeoCon is dead. Has been for lots of years. But, I like playing with web stuff, so I now have a site back up for GeoCon. Why? Because I can.

GeoCon 6 Registration Desk

Someday I plan on putting up all the content I have for GeoCon, which will include scans of the program books as well as what pictures I took.  If I can ever find any of this stuff.  It has been a while.

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    Jonah C.
    February 17th, 2016 00:43

    Thought you might like to know that while GeoCon is dead, the anime room from GeoCon kept going as its own con, Chibi Chibi Con — this year was the 16th one! Someone also re-started the Gaming Guild a few years ago, and in a weird role reversal, they have a game room at the anime con. 🙂

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    December 15th, 2016 17:22

    I hope you do! 2017 will be the 25th anniversary. 🙂 A con still exists on campus at the end of February every year, even though it isn’t called GeoCon anymore; the Con grew too fast and collapsed in 2000, but the anime room kept going on with a new name to remind themselves to go small and take it slow, “Chibi Chibi Con”. They’ve been chugging along for the last 16 years, and I’m sure would love to know more about GeoCon’s early days.

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