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I’ve started watching 24 this season.  I’m actually quite interested in it this season due to the lack of CTU.  For some reason the whole CTU setup just bothered me.  I’ve not even sure why.  But this season is great.  Jack Bauer is a great character, and I really appreciate the entire “yes I did horrible things and I won’t deny it or try to cover it up” motif that is going on.

Though, I do have to say, no one puts all their SCADA systems in one basket, so you can’t go and shut down the nations water and sewer systems with just one access.  Power on the other hand can be overloaded, and if the grid doesn’t act fast enough to cut off the overload you can cause very large blackouts.  But then, you don’t need a computer to cause a black out.  Cars, planes, and explosives would be much easier, quicker, and makes a really nice visual. 😀

Resolution: Get Organized

I seem to make this same resolution every year.  To get organized.  To stop having stuff overflowing from every horizontal surface.  To know what is going on, to keep good notes, do things on time, and not forget stuff.  It never quite seems to work out the way I want it to.

Right now at both work and home, I have stuff piled up on my desk that needs to be done, filed, or just plain thrown away.  My filing systems are in disarray, my email is overflowing, and I am exhausted from information overload.  I keep far too many things for no good reason, and am loath to toss or get rid of anything that I once thought was cool, or that I used a lot, even though I don’t use it anymore.

Still, I need to get a handle on all this stuff.  I plan to sell off, give away, or toss most of the physical.  It has all become stuff I rarely use, or just plain don’t need.  I’ve already cut down on my books, and have even disposed of my collection of Analog SF magazine.  There’s lots more to get rid of, and of course to organize into some semblance of sanity.

Wish me luck.