Dentristry Again

So there I was yesterday morning minding my own business eating my Raisin Bran, when a large part of one of my lower left molars breaks off.  I found myself on a Saturday morning with a quarter of a tooth missing and having to schedule some emergency dental work.  I did make it in to the Dentist, and they put in a temporary filling, but I am going to have to have a crown.  And then I will have to have another crown on the same tooth on the right side.

You see, when my permanent teeth came in several of them were improperly formed with some rather large holes and cracks in them.  My pediatric dentist filled them all with silver fillings – top of the line technology at the time.  The problem with silver fillings is that they slowly cause the teeth to fracture because the fillings expand and contract at  a different rate from the tooth.  So two of my teeth are full of cracks now and have to have the old fillings removed, and crowns put on.  Hopefully the other teeth with silver fillings will hold out longer.

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