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Working on Life

You know, this 7 Habits stuff is hard.  It isn’t easy to sit there and write out what you value, what things mean to yourself, or a personal mission statement.  It sounds easy.  But really examining what it means to you is very difficult.  No wonder they don’t teach this stuff in schools.  It’s too hard for the teachers to understand.

I also suppose that if you don’t have the fall back position of a religion to tell you what you should think and be, that it could be harder for you to come up with the answers.  Yet I think you will have better answers for coming up with them yourself rather than just cribbing something from religion or someone else’s belief system.

This reminds me of when I was on Jury Duty.  One of the attorneys asked if we thought consensus would be better reached by having everyone on the Jury being the same, instead of diverse.  My answer was “It may not be an easy consensus, but it will be a better consensus” for having the diverse Jury.  Same thing with your life.  It may not be easy to plan your life yourself, but you will have a better life for it.