Need a haircut?

Then go to Tight Cuts.  Yea, they are a bit pricey, but the girls do a great job of cutting your hair.  Did I mention they do it while wearing mini-skirts and tight shirts?  No, really.

But here is the best part.  The place is set up for men (ladies, you can go there too).  That means nice leather chairs, complementary beverage (non-alcoholic, sorry), and big screen TVs.  Did I mention the chicks in mini-skirts?  The atmosphere is very relaxed and low pressure.  They don’t try to sell you a bunch of stuff, and they aren’t always trying to get you on the mailing list.

The hair cuts consist of the cut, a shampoo with scalp massage, hot towel, straight blade neck shave, and to finish it off, and nice shoulder rub.  It is very relaxing, and while the girls will chat with you if you want, they will also leave you alone if all you want is a haircut without any chat.

It really is a great place, and I highly recommend it.  If you go to the South Hill Tight Cuts, ask for Erin and say Chris sent you.